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H and H cleaning product
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Object ID 003563

Object Name H and H cleaning product

Object Desc White cardboard box with black printing containing a bar of H and H soap wrapped in wax paper.

Collection General Collection

Accession # CMY003183a-b

Alternate ID

General Category History

Category Household Items


Source Category Found In Collection

Accession Date SEP 4,2015


Location Hardware Store

Object Date

Start Year Range

End Year Range

Status On Exhibit

Object Keywords cleaner,H and H cleaner Company,Iowa,Des Moines,carpet cleaner,

Title H and H cleaning product

Description White cardboard box with black printing on all sides. Front side of box has H and H and two oval male portraits on sides. Box states the product is for "cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery, silks and woolen goods and for all domestic purposes." Back side and top side of box have instructions for use. Bottom side of box lists all of the things the product can clean. Also lists price of product as 25-cents. One end flap states that H and H has been made since 1889 in cake form. Other flap states that the new improved H and H works equally well in soft or hard water. Bar inside box is cream colored and crumbling. Wrapped in waxed paper.


Approx Collection Date

Height 1.5

Length 4.5

Width 2.5

Depth 0

Diameter 0

Circumference 0

Weight 0

Unit of Measure Inches/ounces

Dimension Details measurements are of box

Quantity 1



Site Details

Place of Origin

Maker H and H Cleaner Company

Maker Details Locate in Des Moines, Iowa. Is also known as Hyde Carpet Cleaner and Moth Exterminator Company. H and H bar has been made since 1889.

Maker Mark Picture of two men beside 2 'H's'


(click for full image)

Image Caption CMY3183a-b



Date SEP 4,2015

Summary Fair

Assessor Rachel Niswander

Notes Some tearing on side with logo at bottom. Some black marks on "Cleans anything cleanable" side. Some discoloration on the bottom. The two flaps on thesides are slightly bent. Soap inside is crumbling.


Date SEP 4,2015

Summary Status change

Notes Status changed to On Exhibit from On Exhibit - automatic entry by admin

Date SEP 4,2015

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to Hardware Store from Hardware Store - automatic entry by admin