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Jack in the Jungle: A Tale of Land...
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Object ID 003210

Object Name Jack in the Jungle: A Tale of Land...

Object Desc "being Perilous Adventures Among Wild Men, Showing How Wild Beasts are Captured and Menageries Are Made." A novel by P.T. Barnum. Sequel to Lion Jack.

Collection General Collection

Accession # CMY002894

Alternate ID

General Category Printed Material

Category Books


Source Category Found In Collection

Accession Date JAN 1,1991


Location Room 1, Shelf 20

Object Date

Start Year Range 1908

End Year Range

Status On-Site Collection Storage

Object Keywords books,novels,Jack in the Jungle,P.T. Barnum,

Title Jack in the Jungle: A Tale of Land and Sea

Sub-Title being Perilous Adventures Among Wild Men Showing..


Edition 1908, second

Description / Abstract ...How Wild Beasts are Captured and Menageries Are Made. Originally published in 1880 by the G.W. Carleton & Co. This is the sequel to Lion Jack.

Physical Description A red clothbound hard covered book with black and orange inlay. Cover features a man about to shoot a jumping lion. The spine features a cauldron over a fire.

Author P.T. Barnum (1810-1891)

Author Details Phineas Taylor Barnum was an American showman and businessman, famous for co-founding the Barnum & Bailey Circus. He was also an author, publisher, philanthropist, and politician.




Language English

Publisher The Platt & Nourse Co.

Publisher Details Established in New York. Published children's literature from c. 1888 until 1917.

Spine / Label


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Image Caption CMY2894



Date APR 11,2015

Summary Fair

Assessor Christine Jankowski

Notes The colors on the cover have faded. There is numerous marks of discoloration all over the cover. The edges are worn but not frayed. The book itself is a binding/reading copy. Some pages are tight, but many are shaken. The pages are tanned with some pages with bent corners.


Date APR 11,2015

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to On-Site Storage from Hardware Store - automatic entry by admin

Date APR 11,2015

Summary Status change

Notes Status changed to On-Site Collection Storage from On Exhibit - automatic entry by admin

Date APR 18,2015

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to Room 1, Shelf 20 from On-Site Storage - automatic entry by admin