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Ex-Lax Laxatives
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Object ID 003035

Object Name Ex-Lax Laxatives

Object Desc An empty tin which once held laxatives.

Collection General Collection

Accession # CMY002729a-b

Alternate ID

General Category History

Category Medical


Source Category Found In Collection

Accession Date JAN 1,1991


Location Room 3, Shelf 5

Object Date 1940s

Start Year Range

End Year Range

Status On-Site Collection Storage

Object Keywords laxatives,tins,Ex-Lax,

Title Ex-Lax Laxatives Large Tin

Description A blue and metallic silver tin with white and red desings. Top of the lid says "Ex-Lax The chocolate laxative For constipation relief" "18 tablets for 25 cents" is in a red rectangle. Underneath the lid is a warning to keep reach out of children. The bottom of the botom half lists dosage and directions.


Approx Collection Date

Height 0.31

Length 3

Width 2.38

Depth 0

Diameter 0

Circumference 0

Weight 0

Unit of Measure Inches/ounces

Dimension Details

Quantity 1



Site Details

Place of Origin

Maker Ex-Lax Inc. of F.G. & Co.

Maker Details Ex-Lax was created in 1906 by Max Kiss, a Hungarian immigrant and pharmacist residing in Brooklyn, New York. Ex-Lax brand is still produced today under Novartis.

Maker Mark Ex-Lax


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Image Caption CMY2729A-B



Date MAR 1,2015

Summary Fair

Assessor Christine Jankowski

Notes The tin is still ledgible and retains its original colors. However, it has scratches all over and is tarnished on the inside. Watermarking is evident across the top of the lid.


Date AUG 1,2015

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to Room 3, Shelf 5 from Room 3 - automatic entry by admin