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Cream Corn Starch
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Object ID 001378

Object Name Cream Corn Starch

Object Desc Box of Cream corn starch.

Collection General Collection

Accession # CMY001157

Alternate ID

General Category History

Category Food Containers


Source Category Found In Collection

Accession Date JAN 1,1991


Location H. Grafman Grocery Exhibit

Object Date

Start Year Range 1912

End Year Range 1950

Status On Exhibit

Object Keywords Staley Manufacturing Company,corn starch,baking,Cream Corn Starch,boxes,

Title Cream Corn Starch

Description Cardboard box of Cream corn starch. The net weight is one pound, and the original 1lb appears to be inside. Box is illustrated in red, navy blue, and gold. Front reads "One Pound Net Weight, Cream Corn Starch, A.E. Staley M'f'g Co., Decatur, Ill., U.S., Trade-marks Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." Top of box repeats the product's name. Back and sides of box contain recipes made with Cream corn starch, including: sauces, gravies, cakes, pies, custardand puddings. In addition the box has an advertising deal illustrated on the front and sides; if you send in the box top to Staley Manufacturing you could receive: shoe-string potato slicer, birthstone ring, or social stationary. The is also a message to those allergic to wheat. Illustrations on the box include gold-colored corn, trade-mark, and potato slicer.


Approx Collection Date

Height 6.5

Length 0

Width 3.5

Depth 1.75

Diameter 0

Circumference 0

Weight 0

Unit of Measure Inches/ounces

Dimension Details The above measurements are for the box in its entirety.

Quantity 1



Site Details

Place of Origin

Maker Stanley Manufacturing Company

Maker Details At the beginning of the 20th century, American entrepreneur Augustus Eugene (Gene) Staley was buying bulk starch for two cents a pound, repackaging it under his own Cream Starch label, and selling it for a profit of five cents a pound. When his suppliers realised that Staley was serious competition, they joined together to cut off his supply of raw materials. Staley responded by setting up the A E Staley Manufacturing Company in 1906. On 12th March 1912 A E Staley began processing corn in Decatur, Illinois. Staley founded a company football team, the Decatur Staleys, in 1919. The players worked as semi-professionals in his factory. The team was a charter member of what became the National Football League in 1920. In 1921, Staley turned the team over to George Halas, who moved it to Chicago, changing the team name to the Chicago Bears a year later. The team's mascot since 2003 is Staley Da Bear. In 2000, Tate & Lyle acquired the remaining rights to the Stanley company.

Maker Mark


(click for full image)

Image Caption CMY001157

Description Staley Manufacturing Company Cream Corn Starch


Date JAN 31,2014

Summary Fair

Assessor Cassie Coffey

Notes The box is in fair condition, the front, back, sides and bottom have little distress including some rough edges and stains. The top of the box has been taped, some corn starch appears to be leaking into the tape. All illustrations and text are clear and colors are still vibrant.


Date JAN 31,2014

Summary Status change

Notes Status changed to On Exhibit from On-Site Collection Storage - automatic entry by admin

Date JAN 31,2014

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to H. Grafman Grocery Exhibit from Room 4 - automatic entry by admin