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Mulford Crystal Pastilles
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Object ID 001207

Object Name Mulford Crystal Pastilles

Object Desc A rectangle box with advertisment and 4 containers of crystal pastilles made by H.K. Mulford Co.

Collection General Collection

Accession # CMY001035a-g

Alternate ID

General Category History

Category Candy


Source Category Found In Collection

Accession Date JAN 1,1991


Location Room 4, Shelf 11

Object Date

Start Year Range

End Year Range

Status On-Site Collection Storage

Object Keywords H. K. Mulford Co.,Mulford Crystal Pastilles,cough drops,boxes,merchandise displays,medicine,candy,advertising,

Title Mulford Crystal Pastilles

Description This piece has seven parts. The box is made of cardboard and has a red background. The front of the cover says that the box contains 12 containers of crystal pastilles. It is Menthymol and good to eat, stop cough and smokers like them. It is safe for adults and children. There is an small image of how to set up the display of the box. On the top and bottom sides of the cover and bottom box It says the name of the brand, company, and location. The left and right sides name the brand and helps clear your throat and stops coughs. Inside the box is an advertisment for the display . It is a image of two women and man eating the mints. "Pleasant to Taste." There are four containers of the mints inside the box. the cover says the brand, what it used for, the company, and location. It has the trademark logo as well. The back has the net wgt 1 5/8 oz. What it contains and the directions on how to eat the crystal pastilles. The containers are red with yellow and black words.


Approx Collection Date

Height 2.5

Length 8.75

Width 3.5

Depth 0

Diameter 0

Circumference 0

Weight 0

Unit of Measure Inches/ounces

Dimension Details 8.75x3.5 inches for the advertisment. .75 in height, 3.00 in length, and 2.00 in in width for the red containers

Quantity 1



Site Details

Place of Origin

Maker H. K. Mulford Co.

Maker Details Henry K. Mulford, had established the firm in the late 1880s, when he purchased the "Old Simes" drugstore, which had dated back to 1815. Shortly after he acquired the business, he began to produce a line of pharmaceutical preparations. Mulford sought a financial backer and found it in 1889 in the person of Milton Campbell, a fellow graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. By 1894 Ipharmaceutical firm known as the H. K. Mulford Co. of Philadelphia opened a biological laboratory in the southern end of Glenolden. At its height, around 1920, the firm had about 1,000 employees, including physicians, pharmacists, chemists, veterinarians and many other technically trained individuals. Glenolden's entire population at the time was only 1,944. By 1929, when Mulford merged with the Maryland corporation of Sharp & Dohme, the firm was considered to be the largest commercial biological laboratory in the world, having successfully developed a long list of medicines.

Maker Mark


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Image Caption CMY001035a-g



Date JAN 12,2014

Summary Good

Assessor Brooke Uhl

Notes It is overall in good condition. The box is more Fair because of the edge wear and some rips and staining. The advertisment has tape on it, but the image has not faded. The red containers are in very good conditions. Just some minor edge wear.


Date JAN 13,2014

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to Candy exhibit from H. Grafman Grocery Exhibit - automatic entry by admin

Date FEB 27,2015

Summary Status change

Notes Status changed to On-Site Collection Storage from On Exhibit - automatic entry by admin

Date FEB 27,2015

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to Room 4 from Candy exhibit - automatic entry by admin

Date APR 30,2015

Summary Location change

Notes Location changed to Room 4, Shelf 11 from Room 4 - automatic entry by admin