This is an item in the Chudnow Museum’s collections. It’s a “Jiffy-Way” egg scale, manufactured by Cyclone. To weigh your egg, you put it on the small cup on the right, and the arrow on the left would tell you whether your egg could be considered small, medium, large, or extra large. This particular model was described by one blog as the Numbus 2000 of egg scales, which is a pretty big deal.

This book on North American egg scales is unfortunately out of print, but its cover does give us some insight into the purpose of these egg scales, and why they can be found in so many auction listings and antique stores.
Our “Jiffy-Way” egg scale probably would have been used by a family that owned a small number of chickens and wanted to make a little extra cash. It has a patent from 1940, so it was most likely used during World War II.

By Kayla Sutherland,
Associate, Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear


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