PictureLit Collar Stand, c. 1920
Men's detachable collars and cuffs first became fashionable around 1860. At the time, clothing was expensive and laundered infrequently. The collars and cuffs allowed the area which was visible and most likely to get dirty to be laundered more frequently than the entire shirt. It also saved money in that instead of buying an entire shirt, a replacement collar or cuff could be purchased. With the industrial revolution came mass produced and less expensive clothing as well as automated washing machines, making laundry day more frequent. These reasons contributed to the detachable collars and cuffs to go out of fashion by the 1930s. 

Collar Stand, c. 1910
Side View Collar Stand, c. 1910

Joel Willems,
Curator, Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear


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